Jade Yoga Mat Care

Caring for your Jade Yoga mat is very important, especially if you want to your mat to last. The following are care instruction that will help you take care of your mat properly and increase the longevity and lifespan of your mat.

Washing Your Jade Yoga Mat

Your Jade Yoga Mat requires regular maintenance. After each use, you should wipe your mat down with water. This will keep it sanitary. However, you will need to deep clean your mat after continued use. To deep clean your mat the following ways:

  • In a bathtub with mild soap and water
  • Using a hose with mild soap
  • In a front loading washer with mild soap

Hang or lay your mat flat to dry. Keep in mind that you should plan ahead when washing your mat because the mat will hold water like a sponge, so you need ample drying time before use. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR MAT TO DRY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.