Everything Yoga 65cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball

Everything Yoga 65cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball

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Each ball holds up to 600 pounds of pressure

Textured, slip-free surface

Balls will deflate slowly in the event of a puncture Each ball is made with a plastic vinyl clad (PVC) process that does not include latex

Exclusively Hand Crafted

The thicker vinyl is firmer than a standard gym ball, and resists tearing
Looking to kick your fitness routine up a notch? Get the ball rolling with Everything Yoga's 65 cm Yoga Ball! The yoga ball has a laundry list of alternate aliases: physio ball, swiss ball, Pilates ball, exercise ball, or fitness ball -- they are all the same! Our 65cm ball is the right size for people that are 5'6" to six feet tall. A smaller 55cm yoga ball or a larger 75cm or 85 cm ball is also available. Use yoga balls for Pilates, resistance training, floor work, and stretching to add variety and raise the difficulty of exercise routines. They also double as an office chair! Our 65cm ball comes in 4 colors and are designed for maximum safety with a textured, sticky surface so you won't slip from under the ball even through heavy perspiration. Made from thick and anti-burst vinyl so it is durable and won't pop like a balloon if it's ever punctured. Hand or foot pump necessary to inflate sold separately. 

Small (55 cm) - Best for height up to 5'6"
Medium (65 cm) - Best for height 5'6" - 6'
Large (75 cm) - Best for height 6' - 6'5"
XL (85 cm) - Best for height 6' and above

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