Everything Yoga 55cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball

Everything Yoga 55cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball

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Each ball holds up to 600 pounds of pressure

Textured, slip-free surface

Balls will deflate slowly in the event of a puncture Each ball is made with a plastic vinyl clad (PVC) process that does not include latex

Exclusively Hand Crafted

The thicker vinyl is firmer than a standard gym ball, and resists tearing
Our small-sized 55 cm Anti-Burst Yoga ball is made from durable tear-resistant vinyl so it holds up to even the most vigorous fitness classes. Fitness balls are perfect for yoga, Pilates, and floor work and are commonly used to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, abs, and glutes. Anti-burst design means that if this swiss ball is ever punctured, it will slowly leak instead of popping. Although, at a weight limit of 600 pounds, this product is nearly indestructible! Grab a hand pump or foot pump for easy inflation. This is the best sized resistance ball for most people under 5'6". If you are taller, check out our 65 cm or yoga balls.

Small (55 cm) - Best for height up to 5'6"
Medium (65 cm) - Best for height 5'6" - 6'
Large (75 cm) - Best for height 6' - 6'5"
XL (85 cm) - Best for height 6' and above

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